Sabtu, 10 September 2011


Another dish well liked by the people is
the ‘Pinasakan sada’ or boiled fish.
Pinasakan or ‘Pinarasakan’ is simple but
the result can be quite tasty.

fish,bambangan/ mango, salt, water,chilli,turmeric (kunyit)

How to make :
The fish is gutted and cleaned and lined
up in a work. Salt is then sprinkled on it as
well as other ingredients like young mango
fruit cut into slices or young bambangan
fruit. After that water is poured on it with a
dash of cooking oil and then it is left to
cook. It should be cooked until the water
dry. By that time, the fish should be soft. It
is then eaten with rice.

^_^ pasakan means cook with less water

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